Micro Tanga

The micro tanga is about as small as the tanga style can get. This low rise style has just the bare minimum amount of fabric in the front. The distinct wide side bands are more narrow and border on being a thing strap. In the back is minimal coverage and maximum exposure. Most of the cheek is bared and the style mimics that of most thongs. Like the name suggests, expect very little fabric and coverage in both the front and the back.

If you like super minimal micro styles, micro bikinis are now an option to wear to the beach or pool. This tiny bottoms have just enough fabric in the front to cover your private areas, skinny side straps and a g-string in the back. Some brands have certain stylized g-strings that may be more in the shape of a V or may have special decor at the top of the g-string. The tops to go with this little string bottoms are also minimal in coverage. Expect scant amount of fabric on the triangle tops and a whole lot of string ties. You’ll definitely avoid tan lines in a micro bikini.