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Bikini Tangas

bikini tangas

Tangas are now available as bikinis! Yes bikini tangas are now being made and tanga lovers now have the option of sporting the sexy style at the beach. Like the panty version, bikini tangas have the same low rise, full coverage front and wide side bands. In the back is moderate coverage of the top half of the cheeks. This varies from brand to brand but usually the bottom half and sides of the cheeks are exposed to the sun. Some styles have puckered stitching down the center to help outline and accentuate the shape of your rear. Just another little detail to add sex appeal to this bikini style.

Like any other bikini, suits can wear out and lose their elasticity is not taken care of properly. To extend the life of your bikini, remember that they don’t like heat and they don’t like chemicals. If you can, rinsing off the salt water, chlorine or whatever else is in the water will help to wash away the chemicals that can slowly degrade your suit. Some places have showers that let you take a quick rinse, so if those are available, jump in. When you change out of your wet suit, wring out as much water as you can and try to let it air dry. Rolling it up into a towel will cause the moisture to generate heat that gets trapped in the towel, which will wear down your suit. When you do clean, read the care instructions. If in doubt, hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water, then hang up to dry.